Saturday, April 25, 2009

Freedom of Expression

Well, here I am..blogging and I hardly am familiar yet with the word blog. A few friends have asked me to try this so here I go. Perhaps more than a few of you have wondered if I truly will ever move. I have been talking about it for so very long. It is not up to me apparently, but up to Him. In the meantime I am working as hard as I can and longer than I should. Poetry seems to have come into my life again. Have not written any poetry for quite a few years. It seems to help me as I create. One dislikes thrusting ones work on others, especially when eBay has threatened to remove me if I continue writing them. But somehow I almost have to. As I create it just comes to me with the piece I am working on.
Freedom of expression is so terribly important and the drive behind the artist is amazing. Sometime nothing seems to be able to stop it. Inside is lurking this “creation” that you simply must work on till it is finished.

So, here I am, and until He moves me, here I shall be. Do drop by when you can to see what I am up to.

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  1. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!!!!!!! Good for you, Norma! You are a wonderful, amazing woman. I am SO blessed to have met you - and SO happy that I can come here anytime to visit and feel connected. You bring a smile to my heart:)